Our partners Cosmotécnicas Amazônicas found at the XFOSPA 2022 – Belém Forum Social PanAmazônico new supporters, among them the OKB giving some funds to continue their great work, promoting free software and knowledge.

BIG AND HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS from the Infinity Labs Crew 🙂

BIG THANKS to ‘Open Knowledge Brasil’, too!

For all visitors, not knowing them, have a look what these good guys are doing: https://ok.org.br/

Open Knowledge Brasil

For all, who don’t know Portuguese or the ‘Open Knowledge Foundation‘, have a look at the international parent organisation: https://okfn.org/

Fair, free and open future – yeah, we are cooperating closer towards this goal!

German reader’s may also visit the German national organisation “Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.” under: https://okfn.org