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We ❤️ web technology,
and FOSS software projects!

Our mission

Grow partners, gather exprience, follow syntropy and find synergy.

software architecture

Free & autonomous systems We use, build and maintain

  • - free (all rights)
  • - autarc
  • - modular
components, architecture, with efficiency and sustainability in mind.


Collective, Consicousness & Community

What is 'Infinity Labs'?

Infinity is more than one:

  • - a mindful, social enterprise: seeded in Germany, pioneering a decentralized platform for fair digital collaboration.
  • - a software ecosystem: mutual, beneficial cooperation will open and persist a digital space for exchange of code, knowledge and growth.
  • - a decentralized network for cooperation: self-hosted platforms are forming an independent and resilient grid between digital creatives, freelancer and projects. Fair or non-profit!
  • - a digital space of cocreation: with the Internet, a new Era of cooperative possibilities has started! Lets use this finally in a friendly, compatible, open and transparent way!
  • - a connected cyber collective: we, as a human network, are here to seed, harvest and grow our potential together - respectful, responsible, consicous and harmony with digital technology.

#freedom We dare to talk and aim for digital freedom.
#trust We share code, algorithms and knowledge. #care We care for humanity and our consicousness.

architecture design:

resilient architecture by decentralisation

fractal design by nature

harmony by systemic consensing


Social startup incubator:

An Idea as visionary seed You have an idea for the world? With best efforts and knowhow from our natural intelligence network, we will to make it grow! 🌱

Digital Self-Mastery and Autonomy:

Self-sustainability and FreedomEnfold yourself and unleash your Imagination to construct a stable, free and peaceful future. 🕊

Connected Consiciousness:

Cooperative Environment Imagine a digital world without corporate vendor-lockings and release our power united in a common great work. 🌟

#cooperation Virtual cooperation distributed in autonomous labs, interlinked in a fractal architecture.
We like to learn, act and grow together.

We are inviting free-minded people to
Start building with us a shared vision and ecosystem of common digital software, networks and spaces. #cocreation.

Bring your ideas and vision into existence!

Seed your first projects, invite friends and start developing with professional web technology and collaborative tools.


IT competence and IT workers

exchange hub for digital services and IT workers publish as partner your public service offerings, or find fitting IT skills for your project.

Browse and checkout the skills of our partner in our network.

PARTNERS the ecosystem is our heart. We love to work, learn and live with our partners, holding together collectively many years (actually, centuries) of IT experiences!


Integrated Development Environment

Digital cooperation needs a digital space.

Our 'LAB concept': grow your own software, faster, better and together! Clone, re-produce, re-cycle and re-use running systems, unlimited and infinitely!

A 'lab' is bundling all ressources, events and agents in one place:

  • - individual sets and combination of webservices (ISP)
  • - integrated development environment (IDE)
  • - best practice workflows and continuous integration (CI)

Infinity Labs

GET YOUR OWN LAB: "Manage your projects like a professional web agency. Grow and get even your own ISP, with an self-hosted instance of our XicISP lab system!

STATUS: closed, alpha round starting

Join current 'alpha'-phase of our ISP as developement partner or early 'lab customer', and take part in shaping our cooperative infrastructure of now and tomorrow, in a sustainable infinite loop.


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