Das neueste Projekt im Infinity-Network, das Community-Radio der kanarischen Insel: GofioRadio

Mit integrierter Anzeige der Tide (Ebbe/Flut) ist das neben Surf-Interessierten auch fuer digitale Nomaden interessant.

Die aktuelle Zusammenfassung des Projekts: https://board.net/p/r.42c4f21b7be773eca19a04c2912c2173

## History

Gofioradio.com started as a local radio for the surfing community at Playa Las Americas, Tenerife. More specifically at the parking also known as Metrópolis.

We thought we could do something else while waiting for the waves.

Many others like us have been in the same situation, spending time playing their instruments at the beach or at their vans. So we started discovering that there are many talents around and we thought it could be a good idea to stream them live on the Internet for others to enjoy remotely. Soon after, we started to self-organize, using the experience from some of our team members at creating on-line radios.

In these times of social fragmentation, ideological division and economical struggle, we are opening a new space for creativity and experimentation together with you. Spreading positivity in any form is the driving force of this project.

Inspired by the atmosphere of nomadic communities, we want to share this feeling with everyone, no matter where they are and  through the connection with different talents at Las Americas the idea really started to blossom!

## Present: what we currently have

From the beginning we started by having a 24x7, permanent stream, playing some random Copyleft music (copyright-free) which can be tuned to listen from any device connected to the internet through a very simple WordPress website at https://gofioradio.com/

We also provide a way for creators to upload their music through our website here: https://gofioradio.com/participa/, so that it's added to the continous audio stream. Send us yours!

Additionally, when there's any participant willing to do a live show, interview or stream a concert, we provide them with a user, password and technical assistance to send us their stream, which will be aired instead of the continuous music until the time the broadcaster remains connected. When the live show ends and disconnects, the stream switches back to the music without any interruptions for the listeners. This means that the permanent stream can be interrupted by `authorized personnel' any minute, to come in live from a smartphone or laptop at the beach, the streets, the vans or anywhere else.  Now everyone can share share their messages, interesting talks, interviews and of course awesome live music!

Currently, every noon, a playlist of exclusive local music is aired. We encourage you to upload your music so it gets promoted among our listeners!

## Future: where we go, what we aim to have

Our future is open. What will happen will be based on what everyone does. Every contribution is a building block. We see ourselves growing by doing and participating. For that reason we insist on inviting you to participate.

We see this radio as practical example, a real case scenario that we plan to use as a prototype, to show it's possible for anyone with an Internet connection to start an online radio station or eventually do a one-off show/livestream (concert, interview, whatever) with very little knowledge and resources.

The spirit is non-commercial use, for communities to have their own voice and decentralized cultural and informational content sharing hubs.

We could always provide consulting and support, to help people get started and empowered to run their own radio station at their own criteria.

Let's experiment and build together. You are welcome to enjoy the journey to some wonderful unknown place with us!